Jonathan Rooks Rehabbing Shaw Walker Factory 

Top Muskegon developer Jonathan Rooks, owner of Parkland Properties, has a purchase agreement to transform the Shaw Walker factory from a city eyesore into condos and apartments, possibly with a restaurant and roof-top pool on site. According to Rooks, the current owner was working to sell the property quickly for tax purposes.

Located at 965 W. Western Ave., the Shaw Walker factory building has been wonted by P&G Holdings for twenty years. The New York-based firm transformed part of the property into the Watermark Lots, the Coffee Factory restaurant, and an event center. Still, about 700,000 square feet of the former factor are undeveloped, and Jonathan Rooks is excited to change that.

P&G had many plans for the remaining space, including creating more livable units, developing a marijuana growing and processing center, and creating an indoor entertainment center. However, Rooks was able to jump on the opportunity after P&G lost the property to a lender. Rooks is set to close on the property no later than November 25th.

One of the first projects regarding the property for Rooks: explore possible PFAS contamination and discover whether vapors are leeching into the building from the soil. These issues could be costly to fix. Rooks estimates that he’ll have to pay $150,000 to remedy issues with the property, and has asked the city to cover $50,000 of the costs.

Of the plans to transform the space, Mayor Ken Johnson said, “I’m really appreciative that you’re exploring taking on this challenge. As a resident of the Nims Neighborhood, I see it in its current sad state, and I hear it a lot from residents about how that site has languished and has been an eyesore and has been a hazard and safety concern as well.”

Rooks is excited to create lakefront apartments with covered balconies, and can’t wait to see his idea for the space come to life.

“We’re frankly excited about it. We love the building,” Rooks said.

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