From Fields to Flats, The Changing Landscape of Sound Investment

Today, the market is flooded with the options of Investments. Mutual funds, stock trading, insurance options are some of the options that dominate the majority of calls being made by a tele caller representative of any financial institution. The array of choices available does little to alleviate the confusion and skepticism surrounding the reliability of such options. In times like today, the old advice of buying land for sound investment merits little discussion due to the improbability that surrounds it. The square inch floor price is more than what can be labelled as affordable. Also, the prospect of going to a village evokes little nostalgia from the youth of today. Having spent a major chunk of their childhood growing up in metropolitan cities, the hardships of a rural life do little to change the negative perception. However, in failing to pay heed to their wise old grandparents, they may be losing out on a reliable and safe bet for their present and future.

Anybody having a grain of sincerity in building their assets have read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki know what value a static asset holds. Whereas the author encourages the readers to look into the avenues that they trust on, reading from the author’s own experiences, one can come to appreciate the deep value that real estate holds even to this day. Granted, buying a piece of land, agricultural or otherwise, is out of reach, but the options to invest in what is built on that land is aplenty. With the breakneck speed of expansion that is taking place in metros like Delhi and Mumbai, the difference between main city and outskirts has blurred. With world-class transport options available in many of the Indian cities, the choices of owning your property have burgeoned.

But there are some for whom owning of property may not please than their preference of the investments that yield handsome returns. But a closer look reveals a lot more than reveals the eye. If the owner is not the occupant, these flats are mine of big returns. With the increase in job openings, many skilled professionals swarm the metros every year in search of it. The demand for good housing options, then, is bound to arise. It’s here that your foresight and planning comes into play. Offer them all the services to make it a home away from home and you earn twice the return. Hand it over to someone to grapple with the issues to maintain the flat and earn stress-free income to go along with the pay of your primary job. The things that you can do are many and the chances of failing are few, if any.

To earn a living is the primary reason why we all work, but to build something for our legacy is why we all invest. With the dearth of options out there and an irresistible one present before you, it’s hard to make sense of choosing any other way. To invest is being wise and to learn from it contributes to the wisdom. Sometimes, though, it’s better to bathe in the wisdom of others than cultivate your own.

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