Home Staging – 5 Simple Tips

Home staging has become all the rage in the real estate world and a most vital part of home sales. This is true whether you do your own home staging or hire a professional. With that in mind, we are going to tell you about five simple home staging tips that you ought to pay attention to.

Tip number 1 involves your bathroom. Nothing will kill a home sale faster than grimy, dirty bathroom walls and/or shower doors. This is especially true if mold is visible anywhere in the room. One simple way to get rid of that is to mix together in a spray bottle one part bleach and one part water. Then spray this mixture onto the dirty, moldy areas and scrub it clean. Following this, a fresh coat of paint will also work wonders in your bathroom. If it is your glass shower door that is the culprit, it is not necessary to replace it. Instead all you need to do is scour it with a mix of ten parts water and one part muriatic acid. Use a steel wool pad to apply this mixture to your dirty shower door and again, scrub it clean. Watch how fast this door will once again look brand new..

Tip number 2 is in regards to your master bedroom. Here you want to make certain your decor appeals to both sexes. If your room is either “too girly” or “too masculine” you will lose potential buyers of the opposite sex. Be sure to remove any items or interior decorating features that are too gender-specific. If necessary re-paint the master bedroom using a neutral color. Then use the same non gender-specific logic when you are adding linens and accessories to the room. The linens and accessories should complement the color of the paint (or wallpaper) in the room, yet still appeal to buyers of both sexes.

Home staging tip number 3 is for your kitchen. Are your cabinets dated? Don’t replace them; instead stain them. Pick out a stain color that compliments the overall color scheme of the room. You can then either hire a professional to apply it to your cabinets or do it yourself. When you are finished staining the cabinets, pick out some stylish hardware to accent them.

Tip number 4 in this article deals with the outside of your home. Perhaps your home could use a fresh coat of paint in order to stop potential buyers dead in their tracks while driving by. Next, make sure the color of your walkway stands out in a positive way. You want this feature to appear attractive, not outlandish. Last but definitely not least, add some flowers (that are already blooming) to the areas around your walkways. Remember to make it look attractive and not like it belongs in a botanical garden exhibit.

Home staging tip number 5 is in regards to your furniture. Make certain the size of your furniture is in proportion to the size of the room. You don’t want big bulky furniture in a small room. Likewise, you don’t want ultra-small pieces of furniture in a large room. The size of your furnishings in relation to room size is an important feature when it comes to the selling appeal of your hom

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