Determining, Where You Want To LIVE

As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in New York State, for over a decade, I have come to recognize, a large percentage of qualified, potential buyers, often, overlook the bigger, relevant, meaningful picture, and focus on fewer factors, including costs, prices, etc. It’s important, for potential homeowners, to step – away, for a moment, and pay keen attention, to, where, and why, they want to LIVE somewhere, specifically! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and how, it’s so relevant, to whether, one might, actually, fully enjoy, living somewhere.

1. Listen; learn; living: Begin the quest, with carefully interviewing, potential real estate agents, and listening, to whether they are willing to listen, carefully, to what you seek, learn what you want, need, and can afford, and focus on providing you, with living, in a place, which fulfills, and enhances, you, and your life! What are you seeking, and why? You must take an objective, introspective look, before you can possibly, explain it, to someone else, and find somewhere, which meets, your needs, expectations, and budget!

2. Imagination; insights; intents: Are you seeking somewhere, to spend many years, or merely, somewhere to reside, shorter – term? Know you personal intents, from the onset, so you might make the best, possible decision! Recognize your insights, and desires, etc, so you might do, what’s best, for you! Many over – emphasize, the house they see, and are influenced by staging, decorating, colors, etc, rather than having the imagination, to perceive, what might be. Know the so – called, bones, of the house, and its potential!

3. Value; values; vision; variety: Before falling, in – love, with the first house, you see, compare a variety of houses, of different sizes, shapes, designs, and areas! Never overlook your inner values, because only, when you purchase a home, which aligns with these, will you be happy and satisfied! Maintain the vision to see the potential, and serves your needs, and perceptions/ desires! Never forget to consider comparative value, so you obtain, the best, bang – for – the – buck!

4. Emphasis; energy: Fully consider what is most important, to you, and why! Put your emphasis on the most important aspects, and potential, rather than superficial ones! Will this house enhance your personal energy, by making you happy, and proud of living there?

When you seek to purchase a home, examine, carefully, what you seek, and make the best decision, where you want to LIVE! Since, for most of us, our house, represents, the largest, single, financial asset, doesn’t that make sense?

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