The FAR OUT Necessities Of Real Estate Representation

Whether you are a qualified, potential buyer, seeking to find, the home, of your dreams, and needs, or an existing homeowner, who has decided, to place his house, on the real estate market, for any of a variety of reasons, doesn’t it make sense, to commit, to hiring the finest possible agent, to represent you, and your specific needs, etc? There are many duties, responsibilities, and necessities, you should seek, and demand, from this representation, and, this article will attempt, to, briefly, review, consider, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what I refer to, as the FAR OUT necessities, of real estate representation.

1. Fiscal; fiduciary: Real estate agents owe their clients, their utmost loyalty, allegiance, and fiduciary protection. Rather than merely, believing, your client, knows and understands, you, and your needs, it requires a considerable amount of discipline, ethics, and integrity! When an agent understands, respects, and can articulate the essential fiscal realities, ro his client, you are represented, as you should be.

2. Allegiance: Where must one’s loyalty, and allegiance, be, if he is to properly serve his client’s best interests? Not only, do, both the real estate laws of most states, as well as the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) require it, but it’s also the right thing to do, and must be expected, and demanded!

3. Reality; reasoning; rationale: It’s incumbent upon, the individual one hires, to clearly explain reality, by telling you, what you need to know, not just want to hear! Thoroughly explaining, and clearly articulating their reasoning and approach, while clarifying their rationale, should be a basic necessity of serving one’s clients!

4. Options; opportunities; organized: The better prepared, and organized, the better a client will be served! Rather than believing, there is only one approach, it’s important to consider options and alternatives, in order to create the best set of circumstances, to optimize the possibilities!

5. Urge; urgent: How can anyone fully understand and differentiate between ordinary challenges, and options, as opposed to, the most urgent needs, and priorities? Only when an agent, is ready, willing, able, and self – confident, enough, to urge people, to do what’s in their best interests, does he become a quality representative!

6. Timely; trends: One must recognize, and use current trends, effectively, in order to gain the best results. We have witnessed, in the past two decades, far less dependence on print marketing, greater emphasis on digital marketing, etc, and only, someone, who uses the best approaches, and consistently, acts, in a timely manner, will achieve the best objectives!

Clients must seek representation from agents, who will take advantage of the FAR OUT necessities. When client and agent, proceed, as a team, they create the best set of circumstances, and results!

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