The BETTER Approach To Real Estate Representation

Whether you are a licensed, real estate agent/ representative, or are, either a homeowner, seeking to hire the best agent, to serve your needs, priorities, etc, or a qualified, potential buyer, hoping to find the home, of your dreams, and needs, it’s important to seriously consider, and evaluate/ understand, the BETTER approach to quality, real estate representation. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it makes, such a significant difference, as it related to getting the best, and the rest, of the pack.

1. Benefits; best efforts: When most agents present their Listing Presentation, they spend far too much time, talking about themselves, and things, they, and their company do, such as internet presence, promotion, marketing, etc, merely, in terms of services offered, rather than taking the time, and making a concerted effort, to clearly listen, with empathy, and explaining, what they will do, to address these needs, priorities, goals and perceptions. Quality representation must be based on articulating the benefits, of their service, and why they are the best choice, and, then, proceeding, with their utmost dedication, to commit, their personal, best efforts, to this endeavor!

2. Exceed expectations; excellence: Ideally, one should always, under – promise, and over – deliver. Quality agents, consistently, proceed with a commitment to personal excellence, in order to exceed expectations, for the best interests of their clients!

3. Tell truth; teamwork: One should only hire someone, who constantly, tells the truth, and maintains absolute integrity! Hire someone, who encourages, working, effectively, with you, and explains, how well – conceived, teamwork, is the finest approach!

4. Timely; trends: How well someone responds, and whether, he does so, in a well – considered, timely manner, often differentiates, the greatest agents, from the rest, of the pack! This means, responding, to any questions or concerns, promptly, and thoroughly! In addition, since, like most other things, in life, the real estate industry, has evolved, considerably, in recent years, and agents must use the best of the latest trends, wisely, and effectively, especially, as it comes to, digital technology, and using the Internet, to its best avail!

5. Empathy; enrich: Who must an agent serve and represent? One hires these individuals to serve their best interests, and therefore, it’s incumbent, upon them, to listen effectively, learn from every conversation/ experience, and consistently proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! Unless someone enriches your experience, why do you need them?

6. Relevant; responsible; realistic/ reasonable; rationale: Representing, either a homeowner, or buyer, must be relevant, as well as responsible. This means telling one’s clients, what they need to understand, in a realistic, and reasonable manner, so their expectations, are better refined. The agent, who best articulates his rationale, in a compelling way, often, offers the finest service!

Will you commit to seriously considering this BETTER approach, to real estate representation? Clients deserve one’s finest efforts, and commitment!

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